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ChemDraw  is the structure drawing suite for the serious professional, with advanced prediction tools.
and full Web integration using the ChemDraw Plugin. New TLCPlate tool,New Struct=Namefeature.
Interactivity and user interface features make this the best ChemDraw ever.




ChemDraw Ultra
ChemDraw Pro
ChemDraw Standard







ChemDraw Ultra, the newest version of the world's most popular chemical drawing package, contains many exciting new features. Among the highlights of ChemDraw Ultra are the ability to create multipage documents and posters, spectral info to atom correlation in ChemNMR, identification and typing of stereo centers and an Online menu to allow immediate connection to ChemACX, our website's chemical compound information repository.
ChemDraw Ultra contains

1) ChemDraw Ultra Application
2) ChemNMR Add-on (NMR Spectral prediction tool)
3) ChemProp Add-on (Common physical property predictions)
4) ChemDraw Pro Internet Browser Plugin
5) Chem3D Std 8
6) Chem3D Std Internet Browser Plugin
7) ChemFinder Ultra

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ChemDraw Pro  is the newest release of the most popular chemical drawing program in the world for creating high quality chemical publishing material. It has also become the premier drawing tool for chemical information querying. New features in ChemDraw Pro include ChemProp, SMIRKS support, cross-platform skc file exchange, identify stereo centers.
ChemDraw Pro Plugin
ChemDraw Pro Plugin gives you the power of ChemDraw Pro with a unique web browser interface. This means that you can access the full functionality of ChemDraw Pro anywhere on the Web, without having to switch to a separate application. This is not a mere "structure viewer" or a slow Java applet - it IS ChemDraw Pro, running as fast and familiar as the regular ChemDraw application. The newest ChemDraw Pro features are found here in the Plugin, including stereochemistry identification.
Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 through 5.0;Netscape 4.0 through 4.7.
ChemDraw Pro contains:

1) ChemDraw Pro Application
2) ChemProp Add-on (Common physical property predictions)
3) ChemDraw Pro Internet Browser Plugin
4) Chem3D Std Internet Browser Plugin

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ChemDraw Standard  is truly the drawing program for anyone needing to create chemical structure drawings for whatever purpose. It is simple to learn and use and yet offers the novice a wealth of feature options to produce precisely what is needed for the job at hand.

ChemDraw Std contains:

1) ChemDraw Std Application
2) ChemDraw Net Internet Browser Plugin

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