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ChemDraw Ultra  is the structure drawing suite for the serious professional, with advanced prediction tools.
and full Web integration using the ChemDraw Plugin. New TLCPlate tool,New Struct=Namefeature.
Interactivity and user interface features make this the best ChemDraw ever.






Generate systematic names for chemical structures with support for the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules for stereochemistry. Name=Struct provides the reverse.
TLC Plate Tool


New tool allows drawn reproduction of TLCplates for inclusion in ChemDraw documents.
Proton NMR Improved Proton NMR prediction now contain proton-proton splitting patterns.
Carbon-13 NMR


Enhanced accuracy of Carbon-13 shift values.


Floating Periodic Table Element information available at all times with floating periodic table on the desktop.
Floating Character Map Add special characters from any font instantly to any ChemDraw document.
Mass Fragmentation Tool Quickly examine potential mass fragments by breaking bonds with Mass Fragmentation tool.
MSOffice Integration ChemDraw/Excel and ChemFinder/Office offer chemical spreadsheets with structures and searching of chemical structures in documents, folders and volumes.
ChemInfo Std ChemINDEX, ChemRXN, NCI and AIDS databases include property and reaction data.
ChemDraw Plugin ChemDraw Plugin and Chem3DActiveX control allow you to explore chemistry on the web.
Polymer Support Rich polymer notation consistent with established IUPAC nomenclature and graphical standards.
Atom Numbering Displays and automatically increments numeric and alphabetic series. Label position can be defaulted or controlled atom by atom.
Chemical Intelligence ChemDraw understands chemistry! It provides warnings and explanations, analyzes valence compliance and identifies potential errors in drawings.
Stereochemistry Identifies and labels stereocenters using Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules.
Structure Perspective Tool Adjust the perspective of ChemDrawmolecules with simple horizontal/vertical mouse movements.
More New Features



Structure perspective tool, 3D query feature, multi-step reactions and Name=Struct typo recognition.

ISIS compatibility, dockable toolbars, mass fragmentation tool, modernized user interface, all basic chemistry features and the ChemDraw Plugin for chemistry on the Internet.


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