Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface


You can quickly build complex equations with simple point and click techniques. There are no code words to remember. You add each mathematical symbol and template to your equation by simply choosing its icon with the mouse or keyboard.


Automatic Formatting




MathType applies the rules of mathematical typesetting as you type. It automatically chooses fonts, style, spacing and position as you enter the equation.

You can modify MathType's spacing rules to accommodate your own style, or switch between automatic formatting and plain text modes with a single keystroke. For maximum flexibility and control, MathType gives you the ability to nudge equation elements in 1/4 point increments.



Comprehensive Collection of Math Symbols     


MathType comes with over 275 mathematical symbols and templates - Fractions, radicals, sums, integrals, products, matrices, various types of brackets and braces - you name it! You can also use any character from any font installed on your system.


System Requirements



Supports Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Office 2010/2007, Word 2003/2002
10 MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM for installation (not required if product is downloaded via the Internet)
MathType is not RAM-intensive; if you can run Windows, you can run MathType




New Euclid Math Font Set  Microsoft Word/Office Support
More Symbols and Templates Customizable Equation Toolbar
More Symbols and Templates Drag & drop Equation Editing
Color Insert Symbol Dialog
Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts Customizable Function Recognition
MathML for Math and Science Communication Precise Formatting Ruler
Built-in Translators for TeX and LaTeX International Character and Keyboard Support
Save Equations as GIF for World Wide Web Publishing Extensive Unicode-based Character Database
Save Equations as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and WMF (Windows Metafile) Automatic File Numbering
Alignment Options for Parentheses, Brackets, etc. New Spacing Dimensions
Equation Viewing Features Full 32/64 bit Application 
Internet and World Wide Web-savy OLE 2.0 Support
Improved Define Styles Dialog  User Manual and Online Help


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