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Increase Your Analytical Power With More Statistics

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You'll never have to worry about finding the right statistic. Robust algorithms from leading statisticians give meaningful results even with extreme data. Fit regression models in nested, 2-level data when assumptions of independent observations are violated and the estimates from standard least squares general linear model (GLM) are suspect. Create missing value estimates using regression-based point estimation or an EM algorithm, then save the data or the triangular matrix as input to GLM, ANOVA or other models. Analyze geostatistical data with deep spatial statistics capabilities including 2-D and 3-D Variogram and Kriging. Analyze industrial data and take your process to higher sigma levels. Obtain complete distributions and standard errors using SYSTAT's bootstrapping capability implemented globally across 21 statistical procedures even when normality assumptions are violated and no model is available. Fit suitable models to your data using SYSTAT's wide choice of standard probability distributions. Use SYSTAT's fine documentation and training material-printed and online-in educational environments.

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Accomplish your Simulation Tasks with the Monte Carlo Feature

Use the powerful Mersenne-Twister random number generator for your bootstrap and simulation tasks. Exploit SYSTAT's random sample generation from as many as 33 univariate and multivariate, discrete and continuous distributions. Use Rejection and Adaptive Rejection Sampling procedures for sampling from more complicated distributions. Get help from SYSTAT for your Bayesian computations with the generic Markov chain Monte Carlo (Metropolis-Hastings and Gibbs Sampler) algorithms and Monte carlo integration thereof.

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Visualize Your Data With More Graphing Capabilities

SYSTAT 12 offers a large number of scientific and technical graphing options and a great deal of interactivity for a deskktop statistics package. Compare subgroups, overlay charts, transform coordinates, add geographic projections, change colors, symbols and more to create insightful presentations. Change graph locations, point-and-click to alter axis labels, scales, colors and symbols. Create unique graphs that bring out the true meaning in your data with advanced chart options including normal and kernel densities, multiplots, maps, Voronoi tessellations, function plots, contours, scatterplot matrices with 20 diagonal density choices and 126 non-parametric smoothing options, just to name a few. Speed up your analysis by rotating your 3-D graphs to visually determine the perfect power or log transformation to normalize your data using the Dynamic Explorer. Create insightful presentations with advanced chart types such as maps, multiplots and kernel densities. Speed up your analysis with SYSTAT's interactive graphic tools. Simply point-and-click to perfect your graph's appearance.

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Get Meaningful Results With Less Effort

Tired of extravagant user interfaces slowing you down? Stalled by difficult programming languages? SYSTAT's intuitive Windows interface and flexible command language are designed to make your research more efficient. Easily locate advanced options through clear, comprehensive dialogs. Type commands directly into SYSTAT's interactive command window to fly through your analyses. Quickly navigate through detailed results using the browser-style Output Organizer. Make dramatic changes in your analysis with a few keystrokes. SYSTAT's command language is interactive, powerful and easy to learn. Write commands using plain English with minimal, forgiving syntax that's consistent across all modules. Instantly visualize your results with SYSTAT's Quickgraphs produced automatically by most statistical procedures to provide immediate and intuitive feedback. Use the variety of online help available at your fingertips to speed up your work.

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Completely Automate Your Analysis


Speed up your analyses with SYSTAT's flexible command language providing complete coverage of menu-based functionality. Quickly run the same analysis on different data using token variables in command templates. Each time you run the command file, you'll be prompted to select a variable to replace the token. Create command files in no time! Execute functions using the menus and dialog selections while the command log tracks your steps. Simply save the command log script to re-run your analysis. Use the command files of over 500 examples available in the SYSTAT directory to carry out similar analysis on your data sets. Track and report your statistical methodology to monitoring agencies using the command log. Create compelling reports by combining formatted statistical output with publication-quality graphs in SYSTAT's rich text output window then automate them!


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