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ChemDraw and Stoichiometry Calculations While not quantum theory, stoichiometric calculations remain as long and tedious as ever. The E-Notebook tackles this troublesome problem. First, draw your reaction directly in the page, and then simply enter the mass, volume and density, volume and molarity, percent weight, etc. of the limiting reagent and specify the number of equivalents of the other reactants and reagents. The notebook will do everything except calculate the experimental yield. To do that, you still have to run the experiment!
Microsoft Office and Galactic Spectra The E-Notebook manages all the other kinds of data chemists store in their notebooks. For free-form data, you can include Microsoft Word or Excel documents. For spectral data, you can take advantage of the Galactic Spectral Control embedded in the notebook that allows for analysis and storage of hundreds of kinds of spectra files.
Inventory Management The E-Notebook includes an inventory of common reactants and reagents. If you have one of these common components loaded into the inventory application, all you have to do is click the Add Reactant button in the E-Notebook. From here, you navigate to the desired compound and include it in your stoichiometry calculations. The enterprise edition of E-Notebook integrates with procurement and inventory management systems. Not only does this provide a useful way to know what compounds you have in stock and where they are located, it also saves time entering data.

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